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Finally, The Most Reliable Premium-Vibration Workout Training Platform Has Just Been Released!
In search of …
… easy and long lasting ways to lose weight or burn fat?
… a vibration workout platform that withstands everyday tear and wear?
… stable, skid less and solid vibration plates for your workouts?
… efficient training equipment that will raise your metabolism and boost your health?
… loose weight while watching TV?
Well, if you are searching for all of the above then you should end your search here. With a Premium Profi-Machine vibration plate. 
Get that dreamy beach body you have always wanted. Nothing can stop you now! 
Feeling fancy today? 
Then, why not go for the best of the best when picking your vibration platforms and training machines?
Burn Up To 200 Calories In Just 15 Minutes with A Profi- Machine Vibration Plate! 
Combining a wide 10mm amplitude surface, powerful vibrating motors and adjustable speed, this vibration workout machine is here to satisfy even your most demanding fitness needs. 
Just hop on the plate, choose your training mode, vibration intensity and let it do the rest. 
The vibrations generated cause greatly increased levels of muscle contraction. Force your muscles to contract repeatedly and alternately. Improve your muscle strength, posture, balance, and coordination.
Who could have thought that such a compact training machine could do so much? When you are done using you can store it nice and easy till your next fitness marathon. 
With A Profi-Machine Vibration Plate Machine You Could … 
· … raise your metabolism, lose weight, burn calories and fat. 
· … train anywhere and anytime you want! 
· … choose the speed that works out better for you.
· … reduce muscle soreness and relieve joint pain. 
· … strengthen your body, stabilize your core and improve flexibility. 
· … Durable vibration plate with non-skid surface!
· … Ideal for men, women, athletes, and beginners!
· … 2 turbo motors. More powerful vibrations, greater results. 
· … Real 3D mode for advanced Users and Athlets.
· … Speed conforms to your needs via the remote control.
· … Raise metabolism, lose weight and minimize cellulite.
· … Reduce muscle soreness and relieve joint pains.
Are you interested in technical specs?
Technically speaking there are 5 +1 Reasons why this Profi-Machine is simply the best:
· 10 mm Amplitude on Motos 1 (Left-Right)
· 10 mm Amplitude on Motos 2 (Up-Down)
· 200W Longlife Motor 1— LEFT-RIGHT Movement
· 200W Longlife Motor 2— UP-DOWN Movement
· 5-15 HZ individual Speed Selection
· 180 Training Levels you can choose from
· Together 400W* REAL 3D-Feeling.

The vibration machine comes with a lot of Extras:
- including an extra remote control, just in case you lose or break the first one.
- 2x 22LBS (10 kg) Elastic Bands
- 30 Pages Manual in german

So what are you waiting for? 
Get yours today, before we run out stock again.

Click here and Add To your Cart Now!

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